French Festivals FTW!

I recently had the supreme pleasure of going to France to attend the  Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde (Glances on the cinema of the world) to represent the short film ‘Therapy.’ The festival was amazing, we were treated very well, I’m so glad I went. Kert and I arrived as two very sleepy travelers at the […]

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Au revoir mes amis

Happy 2014 Everyone!! In one week Kert and I leave Vancouver to attend the ‘Festival regards sur le cinéma du monde‘ where Therapy will be playing in Rouen.  I feel so incredibly grateful to all the people who pulled together and put their amazing talent to work on Therapy.   A special Thank You to the cast […]

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To Quote the Sheen “WINNING!”

I absolutely LOVE this photo because I can associate with each person’s position… including the blurry gal in the back 🙂  I definitely know what it’s like to run as fast as I possibly can, to push myself to my limits… and do it all while wearing heels. But sometimes winning isn’t all it’s cracked […]

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Therapy Watch

In honour of our interview being played on TNG tomorrow and due to popular demand we have uploaded Therapy for your viewing pleasure. Click here. Sit back.  Relax.  And enjoy our 14 minute film.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts/comments/observations.

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Need Some Therapy?

WATCH Our Interview About “THERAPY” ON SHAW TV (channel 4) on Sunday at 12:30pm A message from the Director: Our interview for Therapy is going to be aired on SHAW TV channel 4 on Sunday at 12:30 pm! This is a great way to promote the product of what a lot of our blood sweat and tears created […]

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Leo for a Leo?

And the Nominees Are… This is a quick and early post because last night I found out (via a text from the lovely Krista Rand) that Therapy has been nominated for TWO Leo awards. The Nominees for Best Picture Editing in a Short Drama are… Chad Costen, Courtney Urquhart, Patrick Britton – Death Wish Corey Ogilvie […]

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More Women in Film

Wendy D did the photography for this event and she got some great shots!  These moments encapsulate the entire experience for me.  Thank you Wendy D. Worth 1,000 Words Lisa, Myself and Becca (the three of us are currently working on a project together) 🙂 From Left: Raymund Santos (our Production Designer/Costumes Supervisor), Shane Smith […]

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