French Festivals FTW!

I recently had the supreme pleasure of going to France to attend the  Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde (Glances on the cinema of the world) to represent the short film ‘Therapy.’ The festival was amazing, we were treated very well, I’m so glad I went. Kert and I arrived as two very sleepy travelers at the […]

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Haiku Five

I did this one in just over an hour.  My friend Nathan asked for it and I was happy to oblige. This time a new route was taken.  I’ve been listening to a lot of David Blair’s music since meeting him at the Celluloid Social Club a little while ago and I was taken with […]

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Haiku Two

Here’s the second Haiku in my current ‘Meeshku’ series, hope you enjoy it 🙂 Haiku Two (the child within)

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Life has thrown a few curve-balls lately and I have been highly emotional but here’s one thing that has offered a quick ‘pick-me-up’ – hope it does for you too 🙂 Haiku One Reilly, Lisa and I have taken to running around for a few hours shooting random footage.  Originally Reilly had this idea to […]

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Busy Summer

Even though I spent most of the summer out of town, I was able to come in to do many different ‘little’ projects which now all seem to be finishing around the same time. In an attempt to not inundate people with links/photos/etc. etc. let’s start with a the latest episode of Bathroom Etiquette: Note: […]

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