Sweet Release – SHORT

DIRECTOR | WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
PRODUCER | ACTOR ~Taylor Hastings

When the love of her life falls ill, a headstrong and passionate woman learns that keeping someone alive, at any cost, might not be worth it in the end.

Website  www.sweetreleasefilm.com

Official Selection of the Reel Pride Film Festival 2020
Official Selection of the Covellite International Film Festival 2020
*Honours List Women X Festival 2020
Official Selection of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2020
*WINNER Best Female Filmmaker

*Nominated for:
Best North American Movie Director
Best Screenplay Under 30 Pages
Best Actress (Taylor Hastings)
Official Selection of the Kalakari Film Festival
*Certificate of Achievement Presented to MeeshelleNeal
Official Selection of the Oxford International Short Film Festival 2020
*WINNER Best Film in the ‘Loss’ block
*Nominated for Best LGBTQ+ Film
Official Selection Blast Off Film Festival 2020
 *Nominated for Best Leading Acting Team: Short Film
Official Selection of the Open Window International Film Challenge 2020
 *WINNER for Best LGBTQ Short
Official Selection Best Global Shorts Film Festival 2020

Official Selection of the Vancouver Short Film Festival 2020
Official Selection Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge 2020
Finalist in The Third Logcinema Theatre on Films 2020
Official Selection of the Save Your Eyes Film Festival 2020
Official Selection of Under the Stars Film Festival 2019
Official Selection of the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2019
*Winner Honorable Mention
Finalist in The People’s Film Festival 2019
Finalist in the Florence Film Awards 2019
Official Selection of the International Shorts Film Festival 2019

Official Selection of IFF on the Beach 2019

“Can’t describe how much true to the core it was for & how much goosebumps your film gave me, since myself I am Ukrainian. So the language. I mean. As you can guess. Struck a deep note. Beautiful work Meeshelle! Stunning.” Val️

I’m writing you because I recently saw your film Sweet Release at the Vancouver short film fest and wanted to say a quick thanks for your inspiring work. I really connected with the honesty of the film and how truthful the storytelling was. I was really impressed with how naturally your film moved. I found myself really reflecting about your film for a few days afterwards and it created a strong desire in me to write more.” Riley“This short film is bittersweet, heartbreaking and touching.” Utah Film Festival & Awards

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