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Promotional Stills

Pics from previous shows.  Some are posters, some are behind the scenes, my entire resume is not represented here but it’s here and it’s fun 🙂
There are links to a lot of the shorts etc. on the ‘Me’ page.

Vita Bella


The Knights of the Eternal Truth Sword

A Match Made in Heaven

At the Corner of V&S
(we did this show twice, once as a contest and then I switched roles for the actual show)
(first round)

Pizza Man

Rockstar Allstars

I played Amy Lee

Rockstars Behind the Scenes
(full photos on Saj’s blog)

Matters Domestic
(directed by William B. Davis)

The Buzz

It Starts With a Feeding

Romeo and Juliet

Rockstar – Tori Amos

Watering Down the Will

The Velvet Edge

Farewell Ambrosia

Level 1 Showcase Schoolcreative
(Avan Jogia, Me, Jesse, Carlos, Anika Yuzak)

(myself and Jesse Donaldson)

(with my awesome make-up artists, I never received a copy of this film)

Just Friends
(above: me, the director mark, and my co-star
below: Mark the director and the camera he shot it on – we had to do our ‘sound’ live and then ADR it, pretty awesome idea and I’m surprised he didn’t win more prizes)



(Ashley Jill Barlow, Me, Kevin Richardson, Sahil Dalal)

(with director Magali Gauthier & producer Attila Kállai)

Cannibal the Musical
(we got to do this show two years in a row and it was so much fun!)

Schoolcreative 2nd Level Showcase
Elevator Scene with Nadine Robinson

Christmas at the Ridge

Rogers and Hammerstein


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