Betwixt: The Call of The Void



WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
EDITOR ~Taylor Hastings

Meeshelle Neal was a recipient of the Amy Ferris Fellowship for this book.


After being taken to the world of Betwixt as a child, our protagonist, now an adolescent, finds herself dealing with a dual reality — on top of the usual difficulties of high school.

Betwixt (Book Two): The Call of the Void, is a dark fantasy novella that follows the life of a teenager dealing with high school as well as an alternate reality that pulls her through the depths of darkness.

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Whoa. This piece did me in. Did. Me. In. Stunning. Just stunning. Amy Ferris

As with the first, perhaps even more so, this is a very personal journey. The reader is drawn into Jes’ experiences as if having them directly. It is truly intimate! One is not an observer, but the main participant. As I approached the inevitable final pages, I wanted the story to continue well past them. It was very hard to say goodbye. MORE! ~John S.

I really enjoy first-person novels, and I found this one convincingly portrayed the perspective of a sometimes troubled teenage girl, amidst a mix of ordinary and fantastical events and challenges. It has elements of a classic coming of age story and of high fantasy, as well as aspects that are reminiscent of something like Stranger Things, in terms of a struggle with fantastical and secretive forces occurring in the real world.

Anyway, it’s a quick, fun read. While having read the first Betwixt novella will help you pick up on some references and give you some understanding of the protagonist’s backstory, it’s not necessary to follow this one. In fact, it might even be more interesting to read this one first, then if you like it, read the first book as a sort of prequel. ~Nathan S.

Neal has done it again! Betwixt 2 is a rollercoaster ride showcasing the inner workings of the teenage mind. Our beloved main character, Jessica, battles existential propositions, questions the very nature of reality, and learns to navigate her growing independence and self-acceptance. Incredible imagery, unrestrained emotions, and supernatural characters make this original, coming-of-age adventure impossible to put down! Jeanine W.

The world Meeshelle Neal has built in the book Betwixt: The Call of the Void is amazing and full of mystery; and even though it sometimes seems to be more than just cruel, it never fails to captivate me. – Bookishelf

Thoroughly enjoyed being transported back to those weird/awkward teenage years, which Meeshelle Neal captured beautifully. Betwixt is a great read for all ages. Shelley Janze
Betwixt Book Two Cover

(Book One… More like a prequel)

WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
EDITORS ~Karen Schmelcher & Kenrick Block


A twisted coming of age story about a young girl who loses her mother, her mind, and her name.

In her darkest moment, she is taken to the place between life and death, the place betwixt.

BETWIXT is a dark fantasy novella. It is part of a world building series that currently includes future novellas, a short film, and a feature script. See the author’s note below for further details.

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This imaginative tour de force captures a young girl’s anxiety and transformation as she copes with the loss of her mother. A modern day Alice in Wonderland, Betwixt takes us back to what a classic fairy tale should be like: dark, evocative, disturbing, and toe curling! Neal captures our deepest horror: to forget ourselves. This lush novella is full of surprises; a delicious circuit through the underbelly of fantasy. I want to see the screen version!!! ~Nerdreader

This book was such a unique read! Characters and dialogue came to life like a film. What I mean is everything was surprisingly vivid, and the exchanges between characters were so lifelike, though the book was surreal. This makes sense, since the author is also a film maker. I purchased this book after seeing a film she co-wrote in a festival. I loved that the story could feel familiar, calling up classics like Alice in Wonderland, and at the very next moment I would be thinking whoa, this is trippy …unclassifiable, so different than anything I’ve read. I look forward to reading more by the author. ~Valerie M.

Betwixt New Cover 28


These books are for anyone who has ever felt alone and lost.

When I was young, I was very sick and created the world of Betwixt to retreat to (via my imagination). Nowadays we could use more magic. I hope these novellas can be that spark for you – to help ease whatever pain you might be experiencing.

~The short film companion piece is titled, TALES FOR FAERIES, and is currently in pre-production. Set in the same world as Betwixt but with very different characters, Tales for Faeries is a stand alone story. We submitted the project to Storyhive for funding.

~The feature film script for Betwixt was written over many years. I adapted it into this novella.


Listen here to the interview on Latenight with Cornell where Meesh also discussed “Mental” & “Therapy” along with her experience at the Female Eye Film Festival & with the WIDC