WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
EDITORS ~Karen Schmelcher & Kenrick Block

A twisted coming of age story about a young girl who loses her mother, her mind, and her name.

In her darkest moment, she is taken to the place between life and death, the place betwixt.


BETWIXT is a dark fantasy novella. It is part of a world building series that currently includes future novellas, a short film, and a feature script.

Chapters will be posted once a week.

~The short film companion piece is titled, TALES FOR FAERIES, and is currently in pre-production. Set in the same world as Betwixt but with very different characters, Tales for Faeries is a stand alone story. We have submitted the project to Storyhive for funding. A link to those materials will be posted here on April 3rd.

~The feature film script for Betwixt was written over many years. I adapted it into this novella.

~Future novellas are currently being written. I am finished the rough draft of the second in this series.

Betwixt Book Cover FINAL