Betwixt: The Call of The Void
(Book Two)

WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
EDITOR ~Taylor Hastings

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Betwixt Book Two Cover


WRITER ~Meeshelle Neal
EDITORS ~Karen Schmelcher & Kenrick Block

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Listen here to the interview on Latenight with Cornell where Meesh also discussed “Mental” & “Therapy” along with her experience at the Female Eye Film Festival & with the WIDC


A twisted coming of age story about a young girl who loses her mother, her mind, and her name.

In her darkest moment, she is taken to the place between life and death, the place betwixt.


This book is for anyone who has ever felt alone and lost.

When I was young, I was very sick and created Betwixt to retreat to (via my imagination). I think the world could use a little more magic these days and hope this novella can be that spark for you – to help ease whatever pain you might be experiencing.

BETWIXT is a dark fantasy novella. It is part of a world building series that currently includes future novellas, a short film, and a feature script.

~The short film companion piece is titled, TALES FOR FAERIES, and is currently in pre-production. Set in the same world as Betwixt but with very different characters, Tales for Faeries is a stand alone story. We submitted the project to Storyhive for funding.

~The feature film script for Betwixt was written over many years. I adapted it into this novella.