Ride the Cyclone

On Tuesday night my friend Gaelle and I went to see Ride the Cyclone at the Arts Club Theatre on Granville Island.  I was super excited to see my friend Kelly perform since I hadn’t seen her on stage since we shared the spotlight in Cannibal the musical (the stage version) some-odd ten(ish) years ago, […]

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Situational Comedy

Doing comedy scares the heck outta me so of course I signed myself up for a sitcom acting workshop (with Matthew Harrison) last weekend and I am so glad I did.  I met some very talented people, learned a ton and laughed my arse off. Friday we started off in the audience of Package Deal, […]

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Arctic Air Season 2

I had the pleasure of getting to go to the Arctic Air Season 2 Premiere screening at the CBC studio last night. I really appreciate how Adam Beach included his fellow cast members, the creator Ian Weir and other producers/directors during the question/answer period. Got a chance to speak with Ian after the premiere and […]

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Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I just noticed that I didn’t properly set up my vacation post to post so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I hope everyone had a good one 🙂 Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I thought 2011 (with my Leo Nomination) would be impossible to beat but 2012 brought a lot of amazing things my way such as: 10) Project […]

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Originally posted on Meeshelle Neal:
I am the host of a great new TV Show called ‘4 Minute Films’ where we showcase local independent filmmakers in 4 minutes (or less).  It is a fantastic opportunity for people to get exposure for their work so if you have any produced projects (and own all the rights)…

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On Being ‘Lou’

Goodbye to 2 Girls, 1 Guy Now that the show is done, I am able to take some time to reflect upon my experience playing Lou.  Apparently my portrayal of her is very different than the movie version of ‘2 Girls, 1 Guy.’ In the movie she is fairly ‘innocent’ and almost flighty* but after […]

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On these rainy days it is good to remember the sunshine 😉

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So Many Great Things

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending my cousin Kevin’s wedding in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was fantastic. I am so proud of my cousin for staying true to himself and following his passion.  He is currently the artistic director at ‘Dad’s Garage Theatre,’ which is a great space full of some […]

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A Little Black Strap

It’s UP!  A Little Black Strap – Short Film 🙂 A short I was in called  A Little Black Strap played at Visible Verse.  You can read a quick write-up about it here (or below) & you can watch it here. Director Pamela Bentley applied a fugal technique to this poem from George Bowering‘s chapbook […]

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