Officially Official

Hello Meeshelle & Lisa, Please find attached the document certifying that “Therapy” won the “Collégiens Award” at our festival. The film has been very well received by the public and we’re very happy that we were able to show it at our festival. Thank you for making that possible! Sincerely, Magali Gauthier & L’équipe Cinéma […]

French Festivals FTW!

I recently had the supreme pleasure of going to France to attend the  Festival Regards sur le cinéma du monde (Glances on the cinema of the world) to represent the short film ‘Therapy.’ The festival was amazing, we were treated very well, I’m so glad I went. Kert and I arrived as two very sleepy travelers at the […]

Au revoir mes amis

Happy 2014 Everyone!! In one week Kert and I leave Vancouver to attend the ‘Festival regards sur le cinéma du monde‘ where Therapy will be playing in Rouen.  I feel so incredibly grateful to all the people who pulled together and put their amazing talent to work on Therapy.   A special Thank You to the cast […]

Ygritte, is that you?

Tonight as we were leaving the restaurant I was stopped by a fan… not a fan of me, but one of G.O.T.  Turns out all throughout the meal he thought I was Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte).  The place was dim and we were sitting more than a few feet away from each other but being […]

Another Boudoir Photoshoot – This time with Acken Studios :D

I love photoshoots but this one was especially fun.  There was a great air of togetherness between us gals. Special thanks to Danielle Foreman Acken (of Acken Studios) for creating such a fun/inviting environment while capturing some spectacular imagery, Melissa Weselake for doing my make-up and Destiny Frieson for giving me the gorgeous locks 😀

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia , Canada

Untitled Chris Chase Sitcom

Back in January I did a sitcom workshop and it was a ton of fun!!  From that I met some really great people among them were Mohit Anand(my scene partner) and the amazing brothers Riaz & Zain Meghji. Here is the video from class – And here are both scenes taken from a different angle […]