Meeshelle “Meesh” Neal is an award-winning filmmaker.

She wrote, starred in, and produced the short films:
MENTAL (2017) (*BravoFACT recipient *Winner Achievement in Filmmaking *Winner Award of Excellence *Winner Underdog Award *Winner Best Short Experimental *Winner of 2 Leo Awards, (Nominated for 5)
THERAPY (2011) *Winner Audience Choice, (Nominated for 2 Leo’s)

And directed:
SWEET RELEASE (2019, post-production)
CHECK (2018) *Winner Best Short
LADIES DON’T WEAR SLACKS (2018) *Nominated for 4 Awards

And published:
BETWIXT her first novella (2018)

Further credits can be found on IMDB

Social Media:

Twitter: @MeeshNeal
Facebook: @MeeshyNeal
Wattpad: MeeshelleNeal
Instagram: @MeeshelleNealmeeshelle

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Meeshelle has attended workshops such as the Storyhive & CWWA Career Accelerator Program and the WIDC Career Advancement Module as well as the Story & Leadership intensive. She is mentored by Gary Harvey and is currently in post-production on her third narrative short as well as development on her first feature SWEET RELEASE.

BOTH short films she directed last year premiered at the Covellite International Film Festival (2018) with CHECK taking home a Best Short award.



Meesh has multiple TV series and features optioned as well as poems and short stories published. Her debut novella BETWIXT can be found on Amazon (there is a feature film script already attached).

Meesh’s past blog posts can be found on the M&J website. The posts that end with ~M were written by her (with input from Jax) and visa versa the ones ending in ~J were written by Jax (with input from Meesh).

Together they were co-heads of Creative Services for JBA.




Leo nominated, Meeshelle enjoys being a highly proactive member of the Vancouver Film & TV community both in front of and behind the scenes.

She served on the board for WIFTV.



Media & Interviews:

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