Ygritte, is that you?

Tonight as we were leaving the restaurant I was stopped by a fan… not a fan of me, but one of G.O.T.  Turns out all throughout the meal he thought I was Rose Leslie (aka Ygritte).  The place was dim and we were sitting more than a few feet away from each other but being compared to Rose Leslie is quite the compliment and it was really fun/funny to have that ‘fan experience’; he even took a picture with me 🙂

So, see any resemblance?


I should have asked for their info to get a copy of the pic because it was so much fun – so if you are one of the three folks at that table, who had dinner at Shizen Ya on Broadway tonight, feel free to contact me 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ygritte, is that you?

  1. I see very little resemblance between those two photos. However, I know that you can look like almost anyone you want with the right makeover – and I am sure you could be made up to look a lot like Ygritte.
    I was once mistaken for a TV star in a restaurant in Dublin – perhaps they were drunk 🙂

  2. I once had a 60-yr-old Chinese woman ask if I was Colin Farrell. I look so little like this man that it felt like she was being a bit racist…

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