Zombie Apocalypse

Well dear readers, I am sure you have noticed I no longer adhere to the strict schedule of putting up a new post every Wednesday.  That is because my blog was beginning to feel like a lot of work, when I really prefer it to be about play 🙂

So for 2013 I’m gonna blog whenever I: feel like it, am inspired, have the time or am avoiding doing something else.

In other news.  Have you heard of Zombie Foods?  They are an amazing new food company and they make food for your everyday apocalypse AND their products are gluten-free just for me.  I am tickled pink!  That’s right, I inspired a gluten-free transfer or (rather) they were already thinking of heading in that direction and then they met me and it solidified their idea but still it feels good to be included in a food company I believe in.

Feel free to check out their website – and their products 😀

Their cereal and bars will help you get all the fibre your body so desperately wants (and needs) and they are all local ingredients made locally.

In acting news – I’ve got a new headshot


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