Situational Comedy

Doing comedy scares the heck outta me so of course I signed myself up for a sitcom acting workshop (with Matthew Harrison) last weekend and I am so glad I did.  I met some very talented people, learned a ton and laughed my arse off.

Friday we started off in the audience of Package Deal, a new series being shot in Vancouver for Citytv.  Being an audience member was a lot of fun.  I learned a lot AND won some PD mugs!! 🙂  Watch for the series coming to Citytv mid-season, it is gonna be awesome!!


On Saturday it was off to the races: breaking down scripts, performances, beats and timing.  This is tough stuff.   You have to be based in the reality of drama but react to crazy heightened experiences clearly expressing your intentions, the lines AND hit it all at the ‘right’ time or it won’t be funny.  Too far one way and you are a caricature, too far the other and you lose the rhythm and therefor the humour of the scene.

Matthew guided us all with unfailing enthusiasm for the art form and by midday Sunday everyone was rising to the occasion.
Later that afternoon we were joined by Jason Furukawa who directed and shot our scenes.

At the end of the weekend I felt like my head had been twisted and put on backwards but it was a good feeling – if you can imagine such a thing being a good feeling.

Next up – get my own sitcom 🙂


6 thoughts on “Situational Comedy

  1. Sounds like fun and very worthwhile too.
    I am sure I have heard someone say that comedy is the hardest thing to learn in terms of acting.
    I have no funny line to end this with – too tired – I have been working flat out…

    1. That was a funny line to end with, probably because I too am SUPER tired. Guess we both just need a break of some sort.
      (ps – thank you for the like & comment – you have been such a great blogging friend)

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