Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I just noticed that I didn’t properly set up my vacation post to post so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I hope everyone had a good one 🙂

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I thought 2011 (with my Leo Nomination) would be impossible to beat but 2012 brought a lot of amazing things my way such as:

10) Project True

– I feel very fortunate to be a part of this worthy cause

9) Jumping for Joy

– so many reasons to remember to enJOY life 🙂

8) A Little Black Strap & Perfect Set of Troubles & Flicker & Therapy on NSI & Beer Chicken & Bathroom Etiquette & Vita Bella & The Fashion Video

– the short films that could 😉

7) 2 Girls, 1 Guy

– such a great experience

6) 4 Minute Films

– it is great being a part of  something that showcases local talent

5) Grave Encounters 2

– too scary for me to watch the whole movie

4) The Eddies

– so proud of Kert for being a finalist 😉

3) Tough Mudder

– it was tough and we did it 😉

2) Doing the Robot with Wil Wheaton & Asking Patty Stew a Question in front of thousands of people

– it was a truly wonderful experience to talk to Patrick Stewart

1) Getting Engaged!!

– my favourite 2012 milestone for obvious reasons

The year was full of so much more but these experiences were the highlights.  Honourable mention goes to Christopher Edwards who remains a constant source of light and inspiration.


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