On Being ‘Lou’

Goodbye to 2 Girls, 1 Guy

Now that the show is done, I am able to take some time to reflect upon my experience playing Lou.  Apparently my portrayal of her is very different than the movie version of ‘2 Girls, 1 Guy.’

In the movie she is fairly ‘innocent’ and almost flighty* but after spending some time with the script I found my version of the character to be an angry, volatile person who was a thrill to play.  I was exhausted by the end of each performance because Lou was such a fighter.  She felt so much and threw everything into venom towards Blake (the male character) but really she just wanted what most of us want, to be loved and accepted for her true self.

I feel like for most the play Lou is like this picture of me taken by Gregory Milne.  The photo has nothing to do with the show but it suits Lou because she spent most of her time behind a mask and only in her last few moments on stage do we really see her with her heart open and her defenses down.

Meeshelle - Mask

Playing Lou pushed my boundaries as an actress and I got a lot of amazing feedback from people whose opinions I hold in high esteem which made the hours and hours of prep followed by opening myself to the audience, the situation and the character every night, worth it.

Goodbye Lou, I will miss you.

*I am taking the director’s word on this because I stopped watching the movie after a few scenes due to not wanting to be swayed by another actresses interpretation of the character.


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