So Many Great Things

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending my cousin Kevin’s wedding in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was fantastic.

I am so proud of my cousin for staying true to himself and following his passion.  He is currently the artistic director at ‘Dad’s Garage Theatre,’ which is a great space full of some very talented people.   As well, his new wife is Amber Nash aka ‘Pam’ from ‘Archer.’  She is absolutely LOVELY and extremely funny.

I wish them nothing but the best!

In other news.  Last week was intense.  Every day was work/play but in the end it was worth it when we opened to a packed house and people really responded to the show.

Here is a write-up courtesy of Zafira:
“I am so proud of the awesome directing job my friend Gregory Milne has done with two girls, one guy. If you haven’t seen it, you should. The nice girl [Lindsay Nelson] makes me want to friend her, the tough girl [Meeshelle Neal] makes me want to be her and I have no desire to get to know the guy, but can relate to his undercurrent dilemma so well… I’m sure irl Johnny is perfectly nice.”

And one from Arash:
“had an amazing time watching a phenomenal entertaining show this evening with Clara at [2 Girls, 1 Guy]”

Thursday marks the beginning of the end with three final shows.  Reservations have been pouring and things are filling up! While there are still some tickets left the Thursday and Friday shows, Saturday’s Closing Night show is sold out!


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