Project True Needs YOU!

Sunday afternoon was spent in a flurry of activity as we shot the video for Project True.  So many amazing, beautiful and lovely people came out to support I was overwhelmingly grateful.

Our director/editor is quickly creating a short film out of the piece and as a result PT will have a video for their online application form to get some money to open a day-centre to help people, and families, who are living with body image disorders and/or disordered eating.  Currently no resource like this exists in Vancouver BC.

How does Project True need YOU?  They need our votes.  You can vote once per e-mail address PER DAY 🙂  Yeah, that’s right.  Every day you can vote vote vote to help them get into the next round and closer to opening that much needed day-centre.

And soon there will be the completed video to help spread the word about this amazing society.

Wanna Help?

Click here

Register using your e-mail address

Clink the link they send you via e-mail to finish the registration process

Either do a search for ‘true’ to narrow down the results and look for PT or click the link again to take you straight there

Click Vote Now


After that it is easy to repeat daily 🙂



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