Project True – What is it About?

Project True is a not-for profit organization in Vancouver that was created out of the lack of accessible resources for people living with serious body image disorders and/or disordered eating. They want to be able to provide support and resources so that recovery from disordered eating is available to all.

I have recently become a part of the team for this amazing society and on Sunday (SEPTEMBER 30th, 2012) we are asking people to meet us at the Steamclock in gastown (Vancouver) anytime between 3-6pm to say a part of the pledge and help raise awareness.  We will have copies of the pledge, no need to memorize.

Here it is , in full,for your perusal:

I promise to be true to my body.
I promise to love my body-
Because it’s the only one I’ve got.
I promise to speak to it with kindness,
And to treat it with respect.
I promise to rest when it is tired
And to nourish it when it needs food.
I promise to celebrate my body
For all that it can do,
And to accept it
No. Matter. What.

I promise to dance when the music moves me
And to honor my body when it asks to be still.
I promise to speak to my body as if it were my best friend.
I promise to embrace it when it seeks comfort,

And to trust that it deserves love too.

I promise to nurture it with each inhale,
And with each exhale, I promise to release
All that doesn’t serve me anymore.

I promise to listen to what my body is saying,
And to tell its story with my Whole heart.

I promise to keep my body safe,
And to love it
From my head to my toes.

But above all else,
I promise to be true to my body,
And to always remain
True to myself.


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