PSoT – The Video

It’s up!  Perfect Set of Troubles – The Video!  🙂

We had so much fun filming this.  It all started with a trip to the store where D.B. outfitted me  in my new favourite dress & shoes.  Then it was ‘off to the races’ as we enjoyed a sunny afternoon together filming ourselves the whole way.  I felt like we were playing the Improv game ‘yes and’ because one person would think of an idea and the other person would happily add to it.  There wasn’t much acting involved (on my part) because David Blair really is that much fun to be around.

The thing I love about this song PSoT, is that it is about loving someone because of their imperfections.  As a highly imperfect person, I value that message 🙂

If you haven’t checked out his music yet I highly suggest you do (click here).

Click on the name above or here to see the music video 🙂


7 thoughts on “PSoT – The Video

  1. Absolutely brilliant! What a fabulous voice he has – on that song. I watched a couple of his other videos where he does covers – he should stop doing covers – he has got to let his voice shine on original songs.
    And you were great too! In fact, you looked like a couple…

    1. You know Pat, I agree! David Blair really shines when he is singing his own stuff and he has a TON of great stuff. After seeing this music video a friend of mine immediately bought his work off itunes, which is so great.

      And, thank you! I take it as a great compliment that we look like a couple 🙂 David and I have always had a great connection even though we had only met a handful of times before filming this.

  2. I tried eMusic, but they said I couldn’t join because I was in NZ. But, Itunes let me buy the album!

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