Christopher Edwards Champion of my Heart

A few months ago tragedy befell a dear friend of mine Christopher Edwards.  The medical profession said he would not be able to regain mobility and would be wheel-chair bound for life.  Christopher told them they were wrong.

The first time I went to visit him after his accident he asked me to ‘hold on a minute, i’ve gotta scratch my nose’ and then he lifted his hand and scratched his own nose ‘ooooo look at me go!’ he said with glee.  In that moment I was reminded of how lucky I am to be able to move my limbs freely.  After spending some time with him that evening I ‘walked’ back to my bike and rode home feeling incredibly grateful the entire way.

I met Christopher years ago on set and we had an instant bond.  I consider him a soul-friend.  Someone who lifts me up and sets me free.

Every time I have gone to visit Christopher he has inspired me.  He shows how to have grace and style in the face of adversity and I am ever so blessed to have him in my life.

Christopher, you are a beautiful wonderful being.  Keep the faith.  I believe in you.


9 thoughts on “Christopher Edwards Champion of my Heart

  1. Christopher is a hero in my eyes, He is so talented and full of so much love and life, He is indeed a very special man.

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