4 Minutes to Express Yourself

I am the host of a great new TV Show called ‘4 Minute Films’ where we showcase local independent filmmakers in 4 minutes (or less).  It is a fantastic opportunity for people to get exposure for their work so if you have any produced projects (and own all the rights) submit submit submit 🙂


The team behind this show: Lori, Jim, Chris & Drew w/ special guest Evil Patrick, are awesome people.  I am so grateful to get to work with them!


6 comments on “4 Minutes to Express Yourself

  1. I think that’s super cool!! When will it air?? 😀

  2. Congratulations; and it sounds like fun. I will be flying up there as soon as possible to put a 3min 50s film together. It will be based on a dream my eldest child had – they were a “world class” “sock matcher”. I guess all those black socks that look so similar, but are just a little bit different were preying on their mind. Apparently they were like a “film star”, but then it all went bad (and then they woke up). Sounds like a great plot to me!

    • Wow – what an imagination!
      Sounds like it would be a blast 🙂

      I am assuming you’re joking but if not, let me know and perhaps we can make some movie magic together 😉

  3. We appreciate the time and energy it takes to run a good blog and so we have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!
    We would be honored if you accept this award!

  4. Reblogged this on Meeshelle Neal and commented:

    Wednesday rewind. I believe they are still looking for short films so submit!!

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