4 Minutes to Express Yourself

I am the host of a great new TV Show called ‘4 Minute Films’ where we showcase local independent filmmakers in 4 minutes (or less).  It is a fantastic opportunity for people to get exposure for their work so if you have any produced projects (and own all the rights) submit submit submit 🙂


The team behind this show: Lori, Jim, Chris & Drew w/ special guest Evil Patrick, are awesome people.  I am so grateful to get to work with them!


6 thoughts on “4 Minutes to Express Yourself

  1. Congratulations; and it sounds like fun. I will be flying up there as soon as possible to put a 3min 50s film together. It will be based on a dream my eldest child had – they were a “world class” “sock matcher”. I guess all those black socks that look so similar, but are just a little bit different were preying on their mind. Apparently they were like a “film star”, but then it all went bad (and then they woke up). Sounds like a great plot to me!

    1. Wow – what an imagination!
      Sounds like it would be a blast 🙂

      I am assuming you’re joking but if not, let me know and perhaps we can make some movie magic together 😉

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