Therapy is Hardcore

Two posts this week because I am thrilled to get to share the great news that Therapy made it into the NSI Online Short Film Festival and not only that, they did a write-up about it which you can read here.

This quote – “It’s a pretty intense short film and not for the faint of heart” makes me smile 🙂

The crew&cast who worked on Therapy were all so incredibly wonderful and talented – I am grateful to them for giving their time and am glad that their efforts are being showcased in such a great festival.


If you haven’t seen the short film yet, feel free to click here and watch it.  And while you’re there maybe check out some of the other shorts that made it into the NSI FF – I’ve been watching some of them and am very impressed 🙂

Have a great weekend!!


3 comments on “Therapy is Hardcore

  1. Congratulations!

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