Eye of the Tiger

I had an audition recently which actually turned out to be a whole lotta fun.  This is a BIG deal for me.  As far as acting goes I love to do it but the minute you label something an ‘audition’ I usually freeze up and hate my life.  This time was different.  This time I had one goal – to go in there and enjoy the entire experience.

What resulted was a lot of laughter and fun with the team of people auditioning me.  Robin Nielson is an AWESOME coach!

As soon as they told me who my reader was I connected with him and happily made him my life-line.  He was excellent and a blast to work with.

After I was done my first take the director gave me a slight adjustment which resulted in us conversing about the circumstances and then he got into telling me some back-story, it was great to get into it with him.  When I was done I thanked everyone and said goodbye.

At this point I usually fret about whether or not I’ll get the part but right now I just feel good about accomplishing my goal and plan on building from there the next time I go into ‘the room.’


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