To those of you who read my blog and don’t know me irl, this post may be of some help.  To those of you who read my blog and do know me irl, feel free to agree or disagree with this post/add your own two-cents 🙂

The Old

In high-school I was often told that I looked a lot like Drew Barrymore, especially how she looked in Riding in Cars with Boys.

The New

Since then Drew and I seem to have grown apart only to be replaced by Penny from Happy Endings.  If you haven’t watched this show, you should because it’s very funny.  It’s also a good thing that I think Penny (aka Casey Wilson) is AMAHZING!  🙂  (thank you Anya for being the first to point her out to me)

The Unknown

And finally, what with all the Oscar buzz surrounding The Artist, I really want to see this movie but I have ulterior motives.  I’d like to check out this Peppy character who more than a few people have said that watching her is like seeing me up on the big screen – I hope it’s a compliment.


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