Finalizing the Fashion Video

You may previous posts of mine about having two very different looks within a very short time of each other and my first underwater shoot.  Recently we finished the fashion video with another transformation starting at 2:30am and ending up with me getting to spend the weekend wearing dreadlocks 🙂

I think the dreads made me better at partying, jumping & rocking the Michael Jackson game on Wii

Here is a promo video to give an idea of ‘the tone’ of the piece

Here’s me dancing to the sunrise in the look Candice Johnson gave me over three hours from 2:30-5:30am Friday morning, and her previous post about our first look.

(yes that is frost on the ground)

The experience in making this short film has been absolutely wonderful, Diego, Rob and Candice were all wonderful to work with and I’d love to do another project with any of them wherever/whenever.

*The next few weeks I will be away from my computer so please be patient if you comment and I don’t get back to you right away


6 comments on “Finalizing the Fashion Video

  1. The world is a scary place: a Michael Jackson game on Wii – aaarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Have a great break. Keep your feet warm, and comb your hair…lol
    Thanks for posting – always interesting to see what you get up to.

  2. cool video. like the looks. and the music. who is it?

    and I had dreads for 5 years. they definitely make it easier to jump.

    • I’ll have to ask Diego for the name of the group but he discovered the song while listening to CBC Radio 3 🙂

      I didn’t know you had dreads – that’s AWESOME!!!

  3. […] may recall my previous posts about creating this fashion video here & here & here and now it’s […]

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