‘Molly’ Helps me ‘Tapp’ Into Inspiration

When people ask who inspires me (as an actress) the quick and easy answer was always Meryl Streep.  Over time I’ve thought a lot about that question and have come to the conclusion that the actual answer is still Meryl BUT also two very amazing, talented, women.

Molly Parker and Amanda Tapping

Although their style and essence are very different, both women have a grace and ease about them and a dedication to their craft that I find thrilling.

Molly Parker on George Tonight


Amanda Tapping on Breakfast Television, click here to watch.

I have had the immense pleasure of meeting Amanda a few times and she is truly one of the nicest people I’ve met in ‘Hollywood North.’  Even though she is incredibly busy producing & acting in her own show (which is a dream of mine to do one day) she still found the time to watch Therapy * and send some lovely comments about it my way.

I wish both her and Molly much happiness & success in their lives.

Me, Miss Tapping & My Hetero-Life-Partner Laura at the Leo Awards 2011

*As of right now we’re sitting just 8 hits away from 5,600 on youtube (which is really cool if you ask me) 🙂


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