Marilyn from Munroe to Manson

Modeling is so much fun!  The last two shoots have taken me from this:

to this:

The first shoot was with photographer Eva Siu and MUA Kelsey Enegren for the ‘In Time’ contest.  The second was for a fashion video with director Diego Puertas, DOP Robert Wood & MUA Candice Johnson.  Although Marilyn Manson wasn’t the inspiration for the second shoot, the way he broke through boundaries and wasn’t afraid to be haunting was.


4 comments on “Marilyn from Munroe to Manson

  1. You look a bit scary in both of them! 🙂
    Did you dress up for Halloween? I just wonder since you play dress-up all the time, whether you would do it on Halloween or whether that would be too much like work – lol.

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