Family, Fortune and Turning 85

Recently my grandmother turned 85.  You may remember her from this post. She is still as sharp as ever and ready to put you in your place if need be.

(don’t touch her nanaimo bar!)

Most of the family came out to celebrate her birthday and spend some time together.  It got me thinking about what is important in this world.


Grandma is still going strong.  When we have our health we can have everything else.  The reverse is also true.
I used to have a friend always answered the same way when asked how he was doing, he’d say, “I’m walking and breathing, everything else is gravy.”


Grandma tells good jokes/stories and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, as a result people love to be around her.


Grandma loves life and her family and her family loves her right back.


What is wealth?  Wealth can mean money and it can also mean merely having an abundance of something, what that something is depends on how I choose to live my life.

(go grandma go)


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