Daniel Hogg’s The Award (not really but it’s a funnier title if he did)

Daniel Hogg recently sent me some of his great photos from the awards.  You can tell he’s a director because he knows how to grab the context of the situation 🙂

(my Jeweliette Jewelry is showcased nicely in this pic)

The story of how I know Mr. Hogg is this: years ago I worked on a film where we were both ghosts from the past.  We filmed out at Royal Roads University (which is also where they filmed X-Men) and afterwards Daniel drove me home.  Fast forward many years and one of my best friends (Laura) starts dating this director-guy named… Daniel 🙂  I’m so glad he’s back in my life.

Laura came over to attend the Leo Awards, partly because of my nomination and partly because Daniel was also nominated.

From Left to Right: Kevin & Lesley* / Daniel** & Laura

And then he and his team WON! best web series for Freshman’s Wharf.  Click here to watch the 3-4 minute episodes (10 total)

Here he is (with the team of Freshman’s Wharf) giving an acceptance speech

Sadly, for some reason, the four of us (Kert, Myself, Laura & Daniel) were never in a photo together, but we definitely had a wonderful evening!  Congratulations to Daniel, Kevin and all the Leo award winners!!  Plus a shout-out to all the nominees, there’s always next year 😉

*Kevin won two Leo’s and Lesley was also nominated for best musical score for Madame Perrault’s Bluebeard just a note about these two – they are AWESOME!!  Kevin even let us hold one of his Leo’s so we could take pics 🙂  Check out their work at Freshair Audio

**click here for Daniel’s twitter, you can also see him at 10:05 on ‘The Express’


6 thoughts on “Daniel Hogg’s The Award (not really but it’s a funnier title if he did)

  1. I watched Freshman’s Wharf – took a couple of days because of interruptions – it was very good – brought a few smiles. Thanks for providing the link.

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