Babz Chula Helps Piper – What is Love?

Sometimes the people in this industry humble me with their warmth and compassion.  I had the pleasure of getting to be a small part of the Party for Piper  fundraiser thrown by the Babz Chula Society, details below.

Wendy D. was the official photographer, click here to see more of her amazing work.

Rebecca Coleman has already written about this great cause, click here to read her full post, below is an excerpted summary:

In February, we were all tickled to hear that K-Roo (Kelly-Ruth Mercier) and her partner, David Richmond-Peck, adopted a baby girl. Everything was fine for the first few weeks, but then Piper got sick, and subsequently spent weeks in the hospital.

The society was originally started by Ben Ratner and bunch of Babz’ friends to help out with her Cancer treatment. We fundraised on her behalf so she could have access to care not paid for or covered by MSP, because Babz was a self-employed artist.

When Babz died just over a year ago, it took the wind out of our sails. We had some meetings, but there was never a clear, new direction for the society. So, because it’s been hard for the new parents to work while their daughter has been in the hospital, we decided to throw them a fundraiser. We believe Babz would approve.

There is still time to donate today.


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