Can Someone Please Turn Up the Audience?

I am amazed at the response our youtube channel(and Therapy in particular) has received.  It is such a blessing and a curse to become ‘popular’ as with an overwhelmingly large number of views we have also garnered a fair number of comments.

There are some nice ones and then there are some ‘not so nice’ ones.  Lisa and I made this movie in hopes that people would love it or hate it – but at least they would have a gut response.  We wanted a strong reaction from people so I am glad they took the time to write a response, even if some aren’t the nicest.

Here are some of the comments that caught my eye, whether good or bad:

“Theresa is sexier than Theresa” nostyleja

“I soooo want a therapy like that D:” PIGProductionCentra

“that nurse is HOT!!”skiz4life

“I want 14 minutes of my life back. This was mindlessly stupid. Writing was horrible, acting was worse. Camera work wasn’t bad though. All in all, a huge waste of time.”thenamesbrownie

“Oh man… wat the fuck!!!! this is so well done” KoBred1

“this looks absolutely awesome. too bad i font get it =/”JeanRhino

“This is absolutely fantastic! I get it, I get the meaning they’ve hid in the video. :)” frozenzoe

“im really confused about this whole story…can someone explain it to me?”boomslangchao

“this reminds me of the south park episode where kyle gets into trouble with apple for not reading the terms and conditions :P” catchsurf1

“Right at 8:13 my power went out and I started freaking out like mad.” PeaceOnTheFloor

“the camera reminds me of portal” Raxqor

“that was cool weird but cool great job.” Zuper

“Disturbing & weird . yet, amazing” brazilgurl2x

Click here to see Therapy on youtube or simply watch the video directly if you like and comment away 🙂


8 thoughts on “Can Someone Please Turn Up the Audience?

  1. You didn’t mention that it won a Patrick – it is unique in that regard I think!

    P.S. I am worried about Anya – how many times is she going to watch it?

    1. okummm2734
      honestly, these are messed up and dark films. but the simplicity, and nature of the films is just amazing. good job guys, i’m looking forward to seeing new films from you guys soon

  2. I always avoid YouTube comments. The few times I made the mistake of peeking I totally regretted it. But if it doesn’t get a reaction, it’s not art:)!

    1. I usually avoid youtube comments but in this regard it’s interesting to see what people say – especially when they are anonymous.
      The art I strive to make is the art that changes people in some way 😉 So i agree with your last comment 🙂

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