Express Access to the Leo Awards

Shaw TV and Johanna Ward are the official access to this year’s Leo Awards.  Check out the video at 8:30 for our interview which shows off the beautiful designs from Jeweliette* aka the perfect accessories to get me red-carpet-ready.

( a special thank you to Whitney Burnand for doing my hair and make-up)

Or click here to go directly to youtube 🙂

*Just a brief mention about how wonderful the ladies are at Jeweliette.  Not only are they local/talented designers they are also extremely lovely people 🙂


2 thoughts on “Express Access to the Leo Awards

  1. Congratulations to you too it seems – I will try to view Therapy when I have a decent connection. I am in Brisbane airport in a Qantas lounge connected to Air NZ wireless. It should work just fine, but I think the network suspects I am sitting in the competitor’s lounge – hmmm.
    Now, I am assuming that Therapy didn’t win – but, wow, being nominated is wonderful.
    Until later, when I will put on my critics hat and award you a Patrick or not.

    1. Thank you so much Pat! Being nominated and a part of that amazing evening was wonderful.
      I look forward to your official critique 🙂
      Enjoy your trip!
      Hugs back 🙂

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