To Quote the Sheen “WINNING!”

I absolutely LOVE this photo because I can associate with each person’s position… including the blurry gal in the back 🙂  I definitely know what it’s like to run as fast as I possibly can, to push myself to my limits… and do it all while wearing heels.

But sometimes winning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, so I’d like to take this moment to remind myself to enjoy the race.

Tonight marks the first Leo Awards ceremony – there are two evenings in total – and tonight Therapy is nominated for best editing, wahoo! 🙂

There is an interview with Babz Chula (on the red carpet) where she talks about how being ‘nominated’ is the best part of the evening, because until the name is announced everyone is a winner.  Too true Babz, too true.

Good luck to everyone out there no matter what part of the race you’re experiencing today: watching from the sidelines, lagging behind, falling over or winning – each part brings its own unique set of challenges.


3 thoughts on “To Quote the Sheen “WINNING!”

  1. 1) congrats!!!!

    2) Babz Chula is missed. I think that interview would have made me cry.

    3) RUNNING a race in the rain in high heels? Okay, so while I enjoy the metaphor, my ankles are screaming right now just thinking about it (yes, my ankles can think). I can’t even WALK in high heels.

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