Vita Bella Episode 2

Vita Bella Episode 2 is up 🙂

My character isn’t in this one because (quick trivia) Junie was originally written as just hands and feet and they wrote Episode 2 before they wrote Episode 1.  There is an off-shoot mini-interview with Junie but she’s in Episode 3 a lot more.

In the meantime – find out why Vita might be afraid of cameras.

Click here for episode 2

Click here for Junie’s interview


2 thoughts on “Vita Bella Episode 2

  1. And we love how you’ve brought Junie to life so much, you’re in all the rest of them a LOT more.

    Thanks for the trivia — I had completely forgotten about that. It makes sense, because we wrote all other episodes after we cast you, we saw how great you were, and you shared your ideas for the character.

    In the meantime, folks can check you out as Junie being interviewed at the link above.

    Funny! I love how you just put Vita right to sleep — she’s so relaxed with you.

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