Are Bridesmaids Fun For All?

Last night my friends Matthew, Nathan & I went to see Bridesmaids. I really liked this movie. I liked that it’s centered on females, female relationships and women older than 30 but more than that I like that IT’S ACTUALLY FUNNY!!!

I’ve seen a lot of comedy’s over the last few years that did not make me laugh out loud, but this one did.

Unfortunately Matt didn’t enjoy the movie. He said he couldn’t connect with any of the characters. To me this is an example of the feedback we keep hearing from executive producers in Hollywood – male centered movies do better at the box-office because women (in general) will go see movies about men and empathize with the main character(s), but the reverse is not so true.



6 thoughts on “Are Bridesmaids Fun For All?

  1. I actually have a post scheduled about my thoughts on this movie, but I don’t address your question directly, so I’m here to tell you! lol

    I had heard it was really good, so last week, suggested to Chris that we check it out. He didn’t argue with me (mostly because I ALWAYS go to his movies and I should get a turn), but he did make some comments about it being “for girls” and that he would probably be “the only guy” in the whole theater (he wasn’t, but there weren’t many).

    But in the end, he laughed his rear end off the entire movie and on the way home told me it was “the best movie ever.”

    So I guess some guys like these movies. I just thought it was a female version of The Hangover and I don’t think Kristen Wiig is a very good actress.

    1. I’m so glad to hear your husband enjoyed it.

      It’s so interesting to me how subjective ‘art’ is, for example, I thought Kristen did a GREAT job. I think she’s funny and sincere and interesting. Comedy is one of the most difficult things to do and I tip my hat to her. She also wrote the script which tickles me pink 🙂

      1. If I had never seen Kristen in anything before, I’d agree with you. The problem was, I felt like she was tweaking her Saturday Night Live characters instead of playing a new character in the movie.

      2. I’m so out of the loop with SNL that I hadn’t really seen her much in anything before (minus the random skit people send out a link to) so almost everything she did was new for me… hmm, guess it’s better to be in the dark sometimes 🙂

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