Meeting Monica Velour

I won tickets to an advance screening of Meet Monica Velour and who turned up but director Keith Bearden along with Kim Cattrall.

I think Kim was very brave to take on this role and investigate it the way she did.  She changed her voice and her body to suit the character and answered the question about how to keep her body thin with grace, “diet and exercise, there is simply no other way,”  she said.

I have to agree.  Since Therapy I have dropped ten pounds and four dress sizes… it’s interesting how actors bulk up and diet down for roles.  The best I’ve seen in a long time is from the movie Hunger which is utterly stunning.  See it if you can.

The question/answer period after Meeting Monica Velour revealed that Kim is not only a good actress but she also cares about the arts and funding, especially in BC.  Being raised in Little River, British Columbia, a small community on the eastern side of Vancouver Island, it seems the Canadian west coast holds a special place in her heart.

No matter what role Kim takes on I will always fondly remember her for igniting my imagination in Mannequin with honourable mention going to Big Trouble in Little China.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Monica Velour

  1. Oh yeah, hunger! I saw that a while ago.
    I just watched XMen:First Class where Michael Fassbender plays Magneto. He got suuuuper hunky for that role. I was drooling over his pictures at work yesterday (dont’ tell Will!). It’s amazing how much a person can change to fit a role.

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