Question/Answer period with myself :)

The congratulatory messages have continued to pour in making me feel more and more thankful to be surrounded by such amazingly supportive friends and family.

I have often heard people say, “It’s an honour just to be nominated” and I always wondered if it was true and – IT IS!!  I have now had the chance to check out my fellow nominees and am astounded to be included among them.  These are some very accomplished women with established careers and I am humbled to see my name beside theirs.

I am incredibly grateful right now.

The Leos?

I have received a lot of questions so I figured I’d just answer them on here:

What are the Leos?: I have been told that the Leos are the Oscars of Vancouver 🙂  My friend Sarah (however) sent out this info: The Leo Awards are the awards program for the British Columbia film and television industry, celebrating excellence in artistic achievement. The British Columbia film and television industry provides more than 15,000 jobs and generates more than $1 billion (Canadian) in economic activity, making the industry an integral one to the economic and social vitality of British Columbia. The Leos received 682 eligible entries this year!

How do the Leo’s make their choices?:  All submissions go through a jury process.  Click here for more information.

Did you submit it?: Yes.  Therapy was submitted for six different categories and we got two nominations. 

How does it feel to be nominated?:  INCREDIBLY THRILLING!  And incredibly humbling.  I’m (only now) starting to realize that that really is my name on the website 🙂  But, my name being there merely represents the hard work and passion put in by everyone on the Therapy team.  This film was created by the sum of its parts. 
My performance in the film, heck even just getting Therapy made, is due largely to Lisa’s constant understanding and guidance.  She is not only an amazing director but she has become a close friend.  Because of the respect she showed me, the script and everyone else involved in the process, the days we spent creating this piece were pleasant and thought-provoking.  I owe her the world.

Each person came to set with a passion for filmmaking and a consistent work-ethic.  It is because everyone did their job(s) and did them well that I have this nomination.

Do you think you’ll win?: As my friend (and fellow nominee) Daniel Hogg said, “It’s peer evaluated so it’s possible.”  But as my other friend Stellina Rusich (former nominee) said, “It’s hard to win a Leo.”  So I’m just gonna enjoy being nominated 🙂

Do you enjoy talking to yourself?: Always.


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