Rehearsing Bella

On Sunday we had a rehearsal for the next three episodes of Vita Bella.  In my opinion, having rehearsals before going to camera is invaluable.  

Sitting around with the director/writer/other actors hashing things out, asking questions and brainstorming facilitated numerous ideas and sparked creativity all over the place.  It is very different to be on set and talking with the director, there are so many other things going on that have to be dealt with and it’s usually stressful, even if the general mood isn’t – we all have a job to do.

I definitely felt freer to toss out ideas and was tickled pink when all of them were implemented into the official script.  This was Pam’s original idea – to have things be more Improvised than not and to create a safe space where people can come together to be creative.

I’m excited to film the next episodes and am looking forward to the results. 

Onward and Upward!!

Click here to watch episode one and find out all the Vita Bella news – and watch for episode two which is coming soon 🙂


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