Casino Jacks Barney’s Version

In the same weekend I watched two Canadian movies, Casino Jack (with Kevin Spacey) and Barney’s Version (with Paul Giamatti).

Casino Jack was screened at the First Weekend Club so it was an evening filled with music, good food, good people and l got to meet music icon Jim Byrnes.

The above photo also features story editor Simona Atias who is currently creating her own website (which I will happily feature once it’s up).  Story editing is a very important, often overlooked, part of the screenwriting process.  Even though I am lucky enough to come from a long line of writers and have a mother with a Master’s degree in English, I still plan on utilizing one of the many great story editors out there.

On with my rating system for the movies.

Casino Jack

Visuals/Music/Sound 3
Acting 3
Story 3

Overall Rating 9/15

I do not think I was the target audience for this movie.

Barney’s Version

Visuals/Music/Sound 4
Acting 4
Story 5

Overall Rating 13/15

This movie managed to be a comedy, murder mystery and drama all in one – and it did it well.  I think it helped being based on a book.  There were some moments of brilliance acting-wise but my friend Nathan and I were ASTOUNDED by the make-up department.  They were able to alter the actors ages so deftly and minutely that it didn’t seem like make-up at all.  Kudos!


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