More Women in Film

Wendy D did the photography for this event and she got some great shots!  These moments encapsulate the entire experience for me.  Thank you Wendy D.

Worth 1,000 Words

Lisa, Myself and Becca (the three of us are currently working on a project together) 🙂

From Left: Raymund Santos (our Production Designer/Costumes Supervisor), Shane Smith (our DOP), Yvette Lu (local filmmaker), Lisa Newell (director), Max Marois (well his back anyway… our on-set sound) & blurry/laughing in the back there is my co-worker’s husband James 🙂

Roslyn Muir (she programmed the festival), the musician for Madame Perrault’s Bluebeard, Myself, Lisa, Mauri Bernstein and her female lead from Stimulus Package

Laughing During the TalkBack

Robyn Wiener (the president of WIF) & My Sign of What Illuminates Me 🙂

We are filmmakers, hear us roar!


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