When an Amazon Falls

Amazing Amazon

The closing-night feature film at this year’s WIFF was Amazon Falls.
Directed by Katrin Bowen, this movie explores the burden of the dream, rather than ‘how sweet it is.’  I appreciated seeing the darker side of passion which is so rarely explored.

There is an article here, a great interview with Katrin here, to find out more about it.

Please keep an eye out for this film and see it if you can.  See it just for the awesome music, if nothing else 🙂
The current Canadian release dates are:

Toronto: March 18- 24th- Carleton Cinema 20 Carlton Street (416) 598-5454
Note from Katrin: Last chance to see “Amazon Falls” today at the Carlton. 5 chances: We’re playing at 130, 330,530,730 and 930. 5 last chances to hear the piano played in the Carlton cafe as you reflect on the film. 5 last chances to find love at the “Amazon Falls” screening.

Calgary: April 1st-6th
Plaza Cinema@ 133 Kensington Road NW


Vancouver: April 15th-22nd- Denman Cinema 1737 Comox Street- (604) 558-3456


As a side-note, Gabrielle Rose was also in one of my favourite mini-movies from the Festival called Exposed directed by Mark Sawers.

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