Confessions of a Wannabe Community Contributor

pic from here

My favourite thing about making a movie is experiencing that sense of community while on set.

It’s a wonderful rush to see different people working together to create a sum greater than their parts.

Unfortunately, animosity is sometimes generated when one person sees another succeeding at something they are struggling with, but I truly believe that if we all have the best of intentions for one another and treat their success as our own we will strengthen our work and ultimately our industry.

Outside of being on set, there are some great places to find this sense of togetherness here in Vancouver, including (but not limited to): The First Weekend Club, The Celluloid Social Club, Cineworks and events put on by Women in Film.  My experience has been that the best way to feel included is to volunteer.

Volunteering immediately gives you a reason to be there and puts you in connection with the coordinator/others in the same position.

So, let’s get together yeah yeah yeah 🙂

Myself (pictured above) buying an arm’s length of 50/50 tickets at the Celluloid Social Club


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