The Response to Therapy


Myself and some of our amazing crew after the screening: Max (on-set sound), Lisa (director) & Shane (DOP/colour editing etc.)

Was it only a week and a half ago that our movie screened?  It feels like forever.

When Lisa and I set out on the journey to create our short, we did it because we felt the story needed to be told and hoped that it would strike a chord with those who saw it but never in our wildest dreams could we have predicted the actual response to our efforts.

After the screening we were approached by many women who thanked us profusely saying that our piece spoke to them, helped them feel less alone, inspired them, honoured them, touched them and hit the nail on the head regarding their own thoughts and feelings.

Even now we are receiving e-mails which are lovely and touching.  Some excerpts include:

I was sincerely moved by your film. It is so exciting to see your own feelings/experiences on the screen, and I particularly enjoyed the humor balanced with the darkness of your piece.

The experience was honestly way more memorable than a lot of big production feature films I’ve seen recently.

What a wonderful screening. I’ve spent most of the last decade shooting for Americans and around the world and neglected to get involved in the local community—never been to any Women in Film events. So blown away by the variety and talent.
My friend and I discussed your movie for another hour after we left!

This is why we make movies/love being a part of Women in Film.

As a little ‘PS’ at the end – we also felt very fortunate to be screened along with all the other talented filmmakers who were a part of this year’s festival.  Thank you Women in Film!


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