Women in Film Part Deux

Deb Sears (Winner of This Year’s Lifetime Member Award)

Us Filmmaker Gals: Becca Johanson, Amanda Tapping, Myself & Lisa Newell

The weekend was about meeting new people, reconnecting with others all the while enjoying our favourite thing – MOVIES!

I got to see a LOT of different films and there were some treasures in there.  Lisa and I both came away with the same impression: it doesn’t matter what your budget is, or what ‘big names’ you’ve got, telling a story well, and connecting to the audience is all that matters.

There were really some awesome movies in this festival, but narrowing it down, my top five standouts were:


Hand to Toe


The Translator


Near Silence

A special congratulations to Ana De Lara!

We know each other from working together on Vancouver Island many years ago.   She created an amazing piece (Near Silence) which won the hearts and acclaim of the festival.

I wish her all the luck in the world on her future endeavors and consider myself lucky to have had the chance to re-connect with her joyous, wondrous, self.

Ana, Lisa & Me

I didn’t take a lot of pictures as I was too busy soaking up every moment, but the few I got I will treasure forever 🙂


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