100 Years of Working Women

Happy International Women’s Day!

Photo credit here

This day was originally called, International Working Women’s Day and it makes me grateful for all the opportunities I have as a woman living in Canada, in this century.

To all those brave accomplished women who came before me, thank you!

To stick with a movie-theme on the blog, here are some surprising stats:


Here are some startling facts on the demographics of moviegoers as gathered by the MPAA in 2009:
— A higher percentage of women than men are moviegoers in all categories of frequency. In total, there are 113 million female moviegoers, compared to 104 million male moviegoers
— Women have higher attendance per capita (4.7 tickets per year) and attendance per moviegoer (6.9 tickets per year) averages than men.
— Women buy a higher percentage of movie tickets (55%, or 778 million tickets) than they represent of the population (51%), and more than men buy (45%).
Bottom line: Women are more frequent moviegoers than men, yet less than 15 % of women are directing. Why do movies made for and by men dominate the market?
Click here for more info.

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