Being a Filmmaker

Experiences are always best when shared and this weekend I was blessed to have my director and friend, Lisa Newell, by my side.  To Lisa – I could not have done this without you!

And, Thank you Women in Film!

Getting to be a part of the Women in Film Festival this past weekend was a dream come true.  Not only was the event full of talented elegant women, but the ‘vibe’ of the whole weekend was one of supporting each other and nurturing our talents.

Beyond sharing our film with the general public, it was amazing getting to see the huge array of films that otherwise wouldn’t be illuminated.

We create art to share it and hopefully connect with one another, so I am eternally grateful to all the board members of Women in Film for creating a festival to unite our community and inspire each other.  This weekend turned out to be a necessity for both myself and Lisa.

More details to come…


2 thoughts on “Being a Filmmaker

  1. i love this festival for the exact same reasons. it is extremely supportive and about creating community. it’s still a baby at 6 years old, but I think it has a great reputation.

    congrats on your film, so glad I got to see it. (although now I wonder what goes on in your mind… hmmm…)

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