2 Frogs in the West

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing 2 Frogs in the West.  First off, I am so thankful to The First Weekend Club for introducing us to Canadian films/creating a community.  Secondly, a special THANK YOU to director Dany Papineau for capturing the beauty of Canada, and more specifically British Columbia.

If you get a chance to see this film (which is hopefully SOON) I suggest you take it.  We were also informed, during the question/answer period, that it’s a good idea to check out their site for when the DVD will be available.

Of course Mirianne Brulé did a splendid job as the main actress but the stand-out performance (to me) was Brandon Barton.  This guy just lights up the screen whenever he’s on.  I had a quick exchange with him on the way out (as Nath and I were rushing to catch our bus), saying something like, “You were awesome!”  And he replied, “Thanks,” with a big smile, and that was it 🙂

Photo credit

I kind of like having a quick exchange like that with someone.  As a performer I am always grateful to have a random stranger tell me they liked my stuff, especially when that person wants nothing more than to convey the information.

Also, a shout out to the great Linda Darlow whose appearance on screen brought a giant smile to my face.  As she is someone very special to me and my acting career, having helped shaped me through classes, working together on stage and The Mastery, it was a joy to see her on screen.

In other news: tonight marks the opening of the Women in Film Festival here in Vancouver.  I am so excited about this entire weekend 🙂


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