Booty Beauty 2 & My Mother The Model – Double Whammy, FIGHT!

Booty Beauty

Further to my post about the boudoir shoot, I definitely haven’t always considered myself “beautiful” or worthy of such attention.  Even though I’m at a place where I’m happy with my healthy body I vacillated for a long while about whether or not to post pics; not due to embarrassment, but because the shots were meant for me and it might seem odd/too personal to share.

Then I thought about how often the representation of the female form is distorted within our society.

The other morning a dear friend of mine sent out a link to this website.   Please click the link and visit, even if you just stay for a few moments, the stories of self-acceptance and what these women have/had to go through to get there are encouraging and uplifting.

My Mother ‘The Model’

A friend of mine asked for more information re: my mother the model, so I thought I’d answer here.  To the best of my knowledge, here goes 🙂

Q: I’m just curious what kind of modelling she did and if she did it while you were around, or if it was all before she had kids.

A: She mostly did print-work and commercials, with a couple of small parts on television shows thrown in, because she wasn’t tall enough BUT she was definitely thin enough.  I’ll never forget being thirteen and trying on a dress my mom wore when she was thirty and it was too small for me… AND she wore it after having given birth to two kids!  Lots of italics in that sentence.

Most of her work happened in Edmonton and from ages of 20(ish)-30, during which she had two kids and kept on going.  One of her favourite stories is about her thirtieth birthday.  She was doing a commercial for fitness world so they were having her weigh herself etc. etc.  At lunch she had to race off to breast-feed me.  When she got back to the shoot she weighed herself again and had lost three pounds.  The director caught her just as she was squealing with delight saying, “I lost weight!”

Q: Do you have any of her pictures?

A: Unfortunately, she mostly did print work and either did not receive her television stuff or got it on Beta 😉  I’ve asked her to send me a photo if she can.

My mom enjoyed the type of body that I can only dream of.  She ate whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and weighed the same as I did when I was eleven.  During my teenage years I found this depressing, I even had a (now hilarious but crushing back-then) moment with my uncle.

I was fifteen.  We were all together having Easter dinner and I said to him, “Lots of people say I look just like my mom.”

“I don’t really see it,” he paused and looked me up and down, “Your mother was incredibly beautiful at your age.”

You can imagine what sort of an impact his words had upon me back then, but now I celebrate the fact that I work hard for what I’ve got.

I’ve put health at the forefront and have been sticking to it for years now.

When looking in the mirror sometimes my brain still jumps to the negative, but for the most part I see an externalization of my inner dedication and I am happy.  These photos come at a time when I still feel I can improve, but can rest assured that I’m creating a good foundation 🙂

Q: Do you think her background affected you going into acting?

A: Maybe.  I’ve been doing print-ads and commercials since before I could sit up straight.  They used to have to prop me up and madly dash out of the way as the photographer tried his best to get an image of me before I fell over.

Mom said it was so funny to watch this baby slowly falling over, smiling away the whole time.   Apparently that’s why they liked me – I was constantly smiling.


2 thoughts on “Booty Beauty 2 & My Mother The Model – Double Whammy, FIGHT!

  1. Maaaaan….I’ve got the cutest mental picture of Baby Shelle smiling and slowly falling down. Brings back memories of our early alcoholic adventures too 😉 hehehe..

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