Malcolm Parry and the Vancouver Sun

One of the most thrilling things to happen to me lately was being interviewed alongside Beth Freeman, by Malcolm Parry for the Vancouver Sun.

It all seemed to happen so quickly and Beth was light-years ahead of me in regards to dealing with the situation.  I spent the next few days unsure of what exactly I had said* or how he would quote me.  Thankfully my nerves melted away on Saturday when I tracked down a copy of the paper, flipped to page A14 and saw Parry’s words.
It was extremely exciting to see my name/picture in print.

I even bought a copy to send to my parents 🙂

If you don’t feel like clicking the link above, Malcolm succinctly wrote: As for one-person duels, actor-producer Meeshelle Neal’s Therapy sees her play herself and an alter ego in a locked-door treatment that, rather like independent moviemaking, can result only in a successful outcome or death.

A quick add-on to Malcolm’s write-up: I am also the writer but even though this short is my baby it really belongs to everyone who was a part of the film-making process, and there are a LOT of pe0ple who helped to make this movie possible.  So to all of them ‘thank you.’

*I remember feeling lost without Lisa Newell by my side.  As the director of this film I have often enjoyed having her be the yin to my yang (or visa-versa depending on the situation) 🙂

Also exciting: we were mentioned as part of the notable hip cats on the Women in Film blog here, FUN!


10 thoughts on “Malcolm Parry and the Vancouver Sun

  1. I liked what he wrote! It is very interest-piquing!

    Is Therapy still playing at the festival? What can people do when they read the review and then want to go see it?

    You are my star ♥

  2. That’s great accomplishment, Shelle! Congratulations! And, you are right between Sedin and Aniston! Wow! Internet hugs coming your way! 🙂


      1. Actually once upon a time, I was searching Therapy Short film (my one frnd told me about it)… Googling on same ended me at your blog…

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