48 Hours

The last two days have gone something like this:


6:45am – alarm goes off

Get up.  Get ready for work.  Note to self: milk & eggs are getting low.  Throw ingredients into crock-pot & set to have beef stew ready for when I get home after 11pm.

8:00am – rush out the door


8:55am – start work.


11:00am – coffee break

Call John Dippong/Telefilm

12:00pm – lunch 

Spend 1/2 hour w/ co-workers & 1/2 hour with Max for Meisner practice

5:05pm – leave work


6:05pm – arrive at The Wallflower

Dinner with Ros

7:15pm – arrive outside the Anza Club

Meet up with Andra, bump into Crystal & Simon, enjoy the Celluloid Social Club screenings of short films including Vita Bella 🙂

10:15pm – mingle

Chat with filmmakers

11:35pm – meet up with beau

Head home

1 or 2am – fall asleep


6:45am – alarm goes off


7:30am – get up

Get ready

8:00am – rush out the door


8:55am – work


12:30pm – lunch 

Meet with Chris to do Meisner practice

3:15pm –  coffee

Meet up with Ethan

5:05pm – leave work

Skytrain to downtown, return emails/draft blog along the way

5:45pm – try to find a certain store & after ten minutes I finally do

Pick up present for my beau

5:55pm – jump on bus

(Quietly) return phone messages/e-mails 

6:10pm – arrive at Moxie’s for the Women in Film Festival event Meet-the-Filmmakers

Find Lisa Newell (Therapy director extraordinaire) & order a salad

6:20pm – mingle

Try to hold my huge plate of greens, eat discreetly & talk with people who delicately raise their wine glasses in honour of film

6:45pm – actually mingle

Blood sugar levels back on track, and plate taken away, enjoy talking with Telefilm/producers/filmmakers/film-enthusiasts & many really great people

7:35pm – Roslyn Muir finds me

Am chosen, along with Beth Freeman (director of Sister’s in Arms)  to be interviewed, by Malcolm Parry of the Vancouver Sun, for an article in Saturday’s paper.  So exciting!

It’s all a blur!!

8:30pm – Leave w/ Lisa

Enjoy tea/talks about our next project

10:15pm – get on the bus

Bus home

11:00pm – home

Get into bed asap but am too excited to sleep, draft blog post & set-up post time

1:15am(ish) – finally fall asleep


6:45am – alarm goes off

Yawn… reflect on how grateful I am for my life and the way things are going 🙂  Finish blog post.  Finish off the milk.


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