Booty Beauty

It seems that body acceptance is a tough one for most people.  My mom used to be a professional model and said that even after hair, make-up, lighting, excellent photography AND photoshop, the girls around her were still able to pick themselves apart at the drop of a hat, which is sad news for us mere mortals.

So, as a pre-birthday gift to myself I decided to get some boudoir shots done.  Knowing how difficult it can be to feel comfortable in such situations I turned to the amazing Chelsea Brooke Roisum to take the pictures. 

From the minute I got there I knew things were going to not only go well but, to my surprise, the whole experience actually turned out to be a lot of FUN! 

Suman Atlas did my make-up.  We gathered inspiration from Marilyn Monroe & Betty Paige and Suman was spot-on with getting the feel of the era just right.

Chelsea and Suman made an excellent team and I could not get over how easy and natural I felt with them. 

This is such a great gift to myself and I highly encourage everyone to get out there and get some beautiful photos taken.  Not only will the finished product be a great keepsake but it’s also a nice way to pamper yourself.*

*I always feel fabulous after getting my hair and make-up done 🙂


9 thoughts on “Booty Beauty

    1. I LOVE your comment about how you would paint me on the side of your airplane! If funds were unlimited I’d totes buy you one 😉 Such a great compliment, thanks again!

  1. Now there’s a thought – a whole fleet of planes – all with your beautiful images upon them…
    Great photos.

  2. “*I always feel fabulous after getting my hair and make-up done”…

    You look fabulous before/after hairstyle and make-up done…

    BTW, I like this post and “Booty Beauty – My Mother .. The model”…

    I visited Chelsea’s blog.. u looks too good. (FYI: I added your photo link to my browser fav 🙂 )

    1. Wow, thank you so much!!

      Thanks for liking my posts and commenting on my blog. I definitely appreciate hearing back from people.

      Wahoo for making it into browser favs 🙂

      Chelsea is an amazing photographer who inspires me to remember to always follow my heart. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with her in that capacity.

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