Predators VS Legacy – FIGHT!!

Another new years resolution I had* is to record every movie I see this year.  I’ve decided to discuss some of them on this blog, for as much as I enjoy watching movies I also view them from the standpoint of a filmmaker.  I often ask myself: what’s great about this movie? what’s terrible about this movie? and, what would I do differently? 

From a writer’s perspective I think about dialogue, story & visuals. 
From an actor’s perspective I pay attention to moments, the ones that work and the ones that don’t.
And, as a producer I tend to mentally calculate the time/money it probably would take to create something similar.

My first two movies (seen on the same day –  Jan. 2nd, 2011) were Tron and Predators.

Let’s start with


for visuals, music&sound  I give it a 5/5
acting 2.5/5
story 1/5 
(aka ‘beautiful garbage’)

Of course the movie is stunning, and having Daft Punk do the soundtrack is a stroke of genius, but at the end of the day I was left merely wanting to buy the soundtrack.  The story is rated low because it seemed to drag in certain places, most of the dialogue would have been difficult to deliver for anyone and although I enjoyed myself, there weren’t any real surprises.  My friend Anya even said that she was bored for most of it. 

The saving grace in the acting category was Olivia Wilde’s portrayal of Quorra.  She illuminates the screen in every way. 

Do I recommend seeing this film?  Sort of… if what I’ve written above is what you’re looking for (which it can be sometimes). 
See it in theatres?  If you’re gonna go- GO BIG! 
In 3D? Not necessary.

Overall Rating: 8.5/15


visuals&sound 4/5, acting 2.5/5, story 3/5

I actually enjoyed Predators more than Tron.  Perhaps it was because I was sitting with my friends, in an apartment, and we were able to joke around as well as watch the movie.  Perhaps it’s because the original (with Arny) was one of my favourite movies growing up 🙂

Overall they did really well with suspense and keeping me on my toes.  It went on a little long and there were some cheesy moments (aka a Computer Graphic spider for no real reason) but overall I highly enjoyed this movie. 

To enrich this experience make sure to take frequent pot-shots at the characters and story.

Overall rating: 9.5/15

The Predators WIN!

*this year I decided to keep things light and fun as I already have many goals on my plate which I am, happily, accomplishing little by little 🙂


2 thoughts on “Predators VS Legacy – FIGHT!!

    1. Same! Fun fact – it was Daft Punk spinning the music in the ‘club’ scene 🙂

      I clicked on your blog link (4 Steps to Delish) but it won’t work for me…

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